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Width: 1.5 cm   Height: 3 cm

Crystal properties:

Ruby is an excellent stone for energy. Imparting vigor to life, it energizes and balances but may sometimes overstimulate in delicate or irritable people. Ruby encourages passion for life but never in a self-destructive way. It emproves motivation and setting of realistic goals.
Ruby stimulates the heart chakra and balances the heart. This stone is a powerful shield against psychic attack and vampirism of heart energy. It promotes positive dreams and clear visualization, and stimulates the pineal gland.
Psychologically, Ruby brings up anger or negative energy for transmutation and encourages removal of anything negative from your path.
Mentally, Ruby brings about a positive and courageous state of mind. Under the influence of Ruby, the mind is sharp with heightened awareness and excellent concentration.
Emotionally, Ruby is dynamic. It charges up passion and fires the enthusiasm. Ruby is a sociable stone that attracts sexual activity.
Physically, Ruby overcomes exhaustion and lethargy and imparts potency and vigor. Conversely, it calms hyperactivity.

Healing: Ruby detoxifies the body, blood, and lymph, and treats fevers, infectious disease, and restricted blood flow. It is extremely beneficial for the heart and circulatory system. It stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs, and spleen.

(From »The Crystal Bible A definitive guide to Crystals« by Judy Hall – A Godsfield Book«)

Ruby Star, stainless steel wire, bead, necklace chain (Length: 45 cm)