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Height: 3.7 cm   Width: 2.2 cm 

Crystal properties:

The Green Onyx is one of the special soothing gemstones in Onyx family. It is a gorgeous combination of the green and Onyx slide.

The Green Onyx meaning is physical healing. Green Onyx is associated with Heart Chakra and the planet Mercury. It helps to develop your public speaking ability, creativeness and also encourage you to express your feelings and thoughts. This stone creates a bridge between the upper three chakras and lower three chakras.

The Green Onyx is the symbol of restfulness and purity. This green soothing stone has the power to relief you all worries, tension, stress and fears. It is believed to provide a positive feeling, strong mental support and helps to take wise decisions during your difficulties. This soothing gemstone is related with love, affection, and friendship and also enhances proximity sensuality and sexuality.

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Green Onyx, stainless steel wire, necklace chain