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Width: 2.6 cm   Height: 5.4 cm

Crystal properties:

Picasso Jasper has a lovely energy that may stimulate your creative ability and boost artistic gifts. They are known to attract people to you who have similar interests and outlook on life.
Using one of these crystals may be beneficial when you are going through changes in your life. They may be especially helpful when events occur that you might ordinarily feel are not a good things to happen.
The vibration of this stone brings strength and perseverance when you are going through these situations.
It can help to relieve stress and anxiety. 
Their energy may help to you to see that what you might have thought was detrimental can actually be a positive outcome that may lead to a major transformation in your life.
Their energy is useful to use in meditation through their vibration at the third eye and crown chakras, and may help to create a merging of intellectual thought with intuitive thought.
This integration can be extremely positive to aid you to understand why you are here in this life and what you might achieve.
They may also bring an understanding of life lessons that are necessary for your souls growth.

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Picasso Jasper, stainless steel wire, bead, necklace chain