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2,5 x 4 cm

Crystal properties:

Strictly speaking, Amber is not a crystal at all. It is tree resin that solidified and became fossilized. It has strong connections with the earth and is a grounding stone for higher energies. Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser that draws dis-ease from the body and promotes tissue revitalization. It also cleans the environment and the chakras.

Psychologically, Amber brings stability to life but also motivates by linking what is wished for to the drive to achieve it. It can help counteract suicidal or depressive tendencies.

Mentally, Amber stimulates the intellect, clears depression, and promotes a positive mental state and creative self-expression. It brings balance and patience and encourages decision-making, being a useful memory aid.

Spiritually, Amber promotes altruism and brings wisdom.

Healing: Amber is a powerful chakra cleanser and healer. By absorbing pain and negative energy, Amber allows the body to rebalance and heal itself.

(From »The Crystal Bible A definitive guide to Crystals« by Judy Hall – A Godsfield Book«)

Amber, non tarnish copper wire, glass beads, black necklace cord